Friday, November 20, 2015

Difficulty at the Beginning

the I Ching hexagram for
Difficulty at the Beginning
This is a new blog, new template, new everything except for the conceptual themes I began exploring in the original-flavor Mystic Bourgeoisie. Note that this new edition (dare I say incarnation?) does not replace the older blog, which still exists, but rather attempts to bring it more in line with current thinking on the subject. For instance, if you look closely at the URL, you'll see that it's mysticBOURGIE instead of mysticBOURGEOISIE.

But the real reason I decided to create a new blog is that the old one was driving me batshit for technical reasons. when I first set it up, I decided to make a custom template that was as complex and complicated as possible. and to support that complexity, I created a boatload of HTML editing macros to do all sorts of fancy stuff. predictably, no one gave a flying fuck about how it looked, but all that intricate coding did eventually serve to spare me from actually writing anything - especially as I got bogged down in the intellectual complexity of certain (then)-new aspects of my chosen topic. like Hindutva, for instance, on which more in subsequent posts. which is to say: with long disuse, I forgot how all my damn editing macros worked.

brilliant, no?

So that was the difficulty at the beginning that the Chinese sages of yore wisely envisioned many centuries ago. amazingly prescient!

In contrast, this new template should allow me to more easily write about my chosen target: those aspirational bourgeois who perceive some form of worshipful pseudo-spiritually as their ticket to ride into the ranks of the upper middle class - or at least what they yearningly imagine that class to comprise.

That leaves only the difficulty at this new beginning, the challenge of which will be to stop puttering about with the tech and spend the saved time instead attempting to denigrate and deconstruct the so-called "Cultural Creatives" and suchlike ilk that - living as I do in Boulder, Colorado - it has been my great misfortune to have so intimately known.

Now you can continue reading about Hindutva here